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Loose braid look

Braids have been around forever yet there’s absolutely nothing old-fashioned about them. The latest trend is to loosen up and go slightly bohemian. Easy to do, they’re also the perfect timesavers for busy mornings!

What you'll need

  • Apply the Root Amp Spray on damp hair, focusing on the roots

  • Apply the Voluptuous Blowout to lengths and ends of hair

  • Dry hair upside down with blow dryer.

  • When hair is almost dry, use a brush pulling at the roots to maximize lift

  • Take Texture Tease Spray, shake very well and spray generously while scrunching the lengths with your hand

  • Put hair in half ponytail

  • Part lengths into two

  • Take a small strand from the outside of the left section, cross it over and gather it with the opposite section. Follow the same process with the opposite side

For best results, use with
full & plush shampoo and conditioner

Garnier Fructis Full & Plush

When it comes to hair, more is definitely more beautiful!

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