Longer Lasting, Richer, Radiant Colour

Your colour is brilliant! You love it and you want it to last as long as possible. Simply follow these steps to keep your colour beautiful until your roots tell you its time to colour again.

It’s recommended to apply haircolour onto unwashed hair as your natural oils act as a buffer for more comfort on your scalp.

Always apply a deep conditioning treatment after colouring. Most quality haircolours come with a conditioning treatment that will lock in colour and nourishyour hair protecting it against dryness.

Always use shampoos and conditioners for colour-treated hair in the weeks that follow.

Sunlight is known to cause colour to fade so always use a UV spray to protect your haircolour and buy a chic hat.

Style with care. Excessive blow drying and ironing will dry out your hair. If you use a lot of heat, make sure you invest in styling products that will protect your hair as you style.

Garnier Nutrisse Cream

Nourished hair means better colour. See how to get both

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Colour, Nourish, Protect

Nourish your hair to beautiful, radiant colour.

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